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We are old friends reunited under a common goal, to create UMBUKUU®, a way to make gaming about you. Gaming can be more than a way to spend free time, more than just a hobby. It can improve your creativity, logical thinking, and intelligence. That is our challenge, to improve yourself by just playing a game. Umbukuu is about friendship, memories, happiness, trust, ethics, loyalty...is about each one of us.

Stefan Corcosa

Ștefan Corcoșa

Founder, Art & Graphics Designer, Game Designer

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in sculpture. With a background of over 15 years in digital graphics and 8 years as graphic designer, i’ve joined the Umbukuu project as lead artist. I’ve always enjoyed video games and especially animation, and the artistic side of the entertainment business. The leap into game development and art direction came somehow natural. Being part of a small team, amongst friends, brings great artistic and creative liberty. We try our best to make everything together and we’re involved in every aspect of game development.

Mihai Corcosa

Corcosa Mihai

Founder, Game Developer, Game Designer

With a life long interest in Computer Science, video games and the way they’re built, my education took a natural path through a mathemathics-informatics oriented highscool and Computer Science bachelor’s studies. After five years of professional experience as a game developer in Romania and Germany, together with a group of old friends we decided to found our own company, making our own rules. That’s how Umbukuu was born, bringing education, experience in various fields and most importantly, friendship together, with a clear goal: “A way to make you happier!”.

Octavian Dinu

Octavian Dinu

Founder, Producer, Marketer & Administrative, Game Designer

Video games have always been my passion, and I was very excited when I joined my old-time friends in founding Umbukuu. My experience in marketing, sales, and business administration adds value to our projects of game development. The chemistry of making things amongst friends make our projects come together naturally, which creates an engaging working environment for all of us.

Alexandru Farca

Alexandru Farca

Founder, Product Manager & Administrative, Game Designer

After my experience in quality management in the German and international automotive industry, I decided to join old friends on a new adventure. The opportunity to work in a creative field, in a relaxed and natural environment, opened up exciting new paths. Umbukuu offers me the perfect mix between chaos, creativity, organization and world wide reach.